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Songs That People Are Surprised I Like, and Other Songs I Like and Love

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

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Without exaggeration I have literally had some song in my head throughout my entire life. While it's impossible to compile a complete list of all the songs I like, here's a good chunk of them with a few surprises...

Songs That People are Surprised I Like

Given the music I make, people tend to think I only listen to metal or industrial music but my taste is actually all over the place. I even get ribbed for liking a lot of these songs, but if I like it I like it! So let's rip the band-aid off shall we...

Huey Lewis and the News - Heart and Soul

I get a vivid image in my head of a relatively innocent and peaceful time around 2nd or 3rd grade in my childhood home on the cul de sac, just BEING. In this idyllic memory, this song is playing on the radio. Anytime I hear this song or it pops in my head, my heart strings are definitely tugged and I truly miss those days.

T'Pau - Heart and Soul

Another song entitled Heart and Soul on my list, I was in about the 5th grade when this song started being played on the radio a lot. Up to that point I rarely liked anything other than Heart with female vocals let alone coupled with keyboards. But I knew a strong song when I heard one, and it had an irresistible groove to it. Decades later the song came up on my radar again when I kept hearing the name T'Pau while far into my Star Trek rabbit hole, who was a Vulcan character AND is who the group is actually named after.

The System - Don't Disturb This Groove

In late elementary school when all I jammed to was metal, I heard this song on the radio and was secretly hooked. I'd had a fondness of R&B music deep down, and this song really came through to me. For years after it was a song that would spontaneously pop in my head. Many years later it was one of the first, if not the first, songs I downloaded on Napster as I never could find out who the artist was that did the song. I love the beat and drum sound reminiscent of Depeche Mode's Never Let Me Down and deep synth bass line. To me, the perfect 80's R&B song archetype with one of my favorite lyric hooks of all time: "Hang a sign up on the door that says 'Don't disturb this groove.'"

Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield

Pat Benatar is not only my favorite female singer of the 80's but one of my favorite singers period. This song showcases her otherworldly pipes and I simply cannot listen to this song (or any song with her amazing vocals) passively. What's even more interesting to me is that she is a dead ringer to my older half sister Debra, so it always made her extra cool to me.

Paul Carrack - Don't Shed a Tear

This song taught me an important lesson. It came out when I was in about the 7th grade, and I still had an aversion to keyboards at the time so for months when I would hear the keyboards at the beginning of the song start on the radio, I would automatically change the station in the first few notes before the song came on. Then one day, I walked in a few minutes early to my classical guitar lesson at H&H music and as usual music would be playing through their impressive sound system. Then the intro to this song came in with its keyboards, I rolled my eyes and was annoyed that I couldn't change the station this time. When the second measure of the keyboards came in, it had an interesting volume swell come in that I hadn't heard before, and finally the drums came crashing in, and I remember thinking to myself "hmm..." It actually sounded really cool, then the singer came in. Then the hook. I was really surprised at how good the whole song sounded with the keyboards I thought I couldn't stand fitting in just right. So I admit, I learned a lesson before my guitar lesson that day to maybe give things a chance.

Jodeci - Cry for You

The first time I ever heard Cry for You loud in my slightly above average stereo system in my used car during college, wow. This song has never been skipped in my ride or at home for that matter. As far as I've known, even the hardest gangster jams to this one. Feenin' and Forever My Lady were my gateway songs to Jodeci that I always loved, but Cry for You is next level.

Some of my other guilty pleasure songs:

Luther Vandross - Here and Now

Chris de Burgh - Lady in Red

Newsboys - Reality, Joy

Madonna - Live to Tell

Sarah McLachlan - Vox

Songs I Like and Love

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Phillip Bailey/Phil Collins - Easy Lover

Hum - Stars Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Stuck, Grey Cell Green Smiths - Big Mouth Strikes Again,

Metal/Hard Rock

Deep Purple - Highway Star...

KISS (Yes of course they get their own list!):


Peter Godwin - Images of Heaven

Enigma - Return to Innocence...

Kraftwerk (Of course they also get their own list!):


KMFDM - Drug Against War...

Soul/R&B/Hip Hop

Earth Wind and Fire - Let's Groove

Michael Jackson - Human Nature, Beat It

PM Dawn - Die Without You

Trouble Funk - Don't Touch That Stereo

Run DMC - It's Tricky

LL Cool J - Bad (Explicit)

Slow Jams:


Johnny Horton - North to Alaska, Battle of New Orleans Bobby Bare - Detroit City Charlie Daniels - Devil Went Down to Georgia

Brooks & Dunn - Neon Moon

Marty Robbins - El Paso, Big Iron, Cool Water

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire...


Gustav Holst - Venus, Mars Gioachino Rossini - William Tell Overture Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey Theme Song)

And that's the ever-growing list so far!


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