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Bleu Echo began in Houston, Texas in 1994 by Anthony June-Dubois as an experiment to push the electronic boundaries of the guitar and atmospheric boundaries of accompanying soundscapes. The results have oscillated between pure electronic experiences to the invasion of rock, metal, and industrial influences.

Currently, the ultimate goal of Bleu Echo is to release all recorded material to date in its strongest form and superior quality in order to survive and be celebrated indefinitely, even well after the life span of Anthony June-Dubois.

The main purpose of is to serve as a digital artifact of the most comprehensive catalog of Bleu Echo and is always encouraged to be shared freely and openly. God bless!

Bleu Echo - Anthony June-Dubois Digital Fade.jpg
Bleu Echo - Anthony June-Dubois Guitar Live.jpg
Bleu Echo - Anthony June-Dubois Platinum.jpg

Anthony June-Dubois | Guitar | Ambience | Atmosphere | Emotive | Electronic | Cerebral | Texas

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